Art for educational point-and-click game "Luc"

This is an educational point-and-click game that was created as a part of graduating project for MA Dissertation on topic of Mobile Learning. It was created by two people: my boyfriend - Artyom as a programmer and the author of the idea and me as an animator and 2D artist. For both of us this was our first experience in creating a game.

The game itself was constructed in AGS (Adventure Game Studio).

First step was to create the main character - Luc:

Luc - concept.png

Next step was creating frame-by-frame animation of the charater walking and interacting with objects. I drew all the frames that were then animated in AGS.


Next - creating backgrounds:

Other characters Jaques and Harry were created as well as the animations for them:


Interface elements were created in the end:


You can check out this video with some snippets of the game:

Contact the creator of the game Artyom via e-mail: