Editorial Illustrations "The Fragile Existence of Sex Work During the Pandemic"

This is my imaginary comission for the New Yorker article The Fragile Existence of Sex Work During The Pandemic.

I made two gouache illustrations and animated them in Photoshop.

"When she worked at a strip club, she could go into the lap-dance room with customers and decide if and how they could touch her, depending on how much they tipped. Staff at the club could help her with aggressive patrons. Now, if an online client wants a video of a sex act, she has to decide the terms of a new kind of transaction and insure that the payment matches the work. “You gotta be your own bouncer,” she said."

"OnlyFans began in 2016, before sex workers began to face the aftermath of the SESTA-FOSTA bills, legislation passed in Congress which targeted Web sites on which sex workers advertised, such as Craigslist and Backpage. The sites were penalized for hosting content that was allegedly related to sex trafficking; Backpage shut down, and Craigslist eliminated its personals section. Many online sex workers turned to posting on OnlyFans."

And here are the illustrations animated.

Virtual sex work
Sex work during the pandemic
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